Film trucks Ramen Bowl 6.0 / 155mm (2 trucks)


For boards:  8.375 - 8.625

Reinforced hanger

Low-profile aircraft-grade kingpin

Medium 91A bushing

New base plate with 4 holes!

Trucks are sold in pair


Film Trucks was originally born back in 2000 by Jérémie Daclin as the sister company of Cliché Skateboards. In 2018 Film is now back as a stand-alone Truck Company rising from the ashes of Cliche. Jeremie has put a lot of thought into the brand and has developed a great functional truck. The Film Trucks feature double drilled baseplates so they work with old school decks, parking block shape baseplate, dual kingpin seat (you can use a spline or old school hex head kingpin in them) and a jaw system bushing that forces the hanger of the truck to always stay centered. He's pretty much thought of everything here and we're stoked to have Film Trucks in 1412 skate shop.